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What Are We Building

Areii is in the works as an all-in-one real estate investment platform powered by the Areii Ai.


Our Mission

Help everyday people become Financially Free.

How Are We Doing This
We drive down the cost of capital and make it more attainable as a new or scaling real estate investor. We are doing this by de-risking lending opportunities for private money, hard money, private equity and other capital providers.

Photo of the founder and his son in front of a building being demolished

The Team

How's it going, I'm Chris Marshall, Founder of Areii. I started to build Areii as a way to solve a problem that I was facing as I was trying to scale my early real estate investing company. As I was considering building it and started to talk to other real estate investors that were getting started. I realized that the way that I got started and the tools and system I used and was turning into an internal tool could be used to help other investors get started or scale their real estate investing. So that is what I'm doing.   The Team is still getting started but already we have an expert in private lending who has been helping us to understand how we should work with lenders and other service providers. An expert in taxes and bookkeeping to help us figure out how our platform can better serve our users with their bookkeeping needs. And I myself have years of experience in investing in real estate investing, and creating standard operating procedures to help businesses start and scale.

Our Mission

Help everyday people become Financially Free

Core Values

Integrity First

"Integrity First" is our promise, our commitment, and the beacon that guides our actions and decisions at Areii. This belief goes beyond simply doing what's right when no one's watching. It's an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, even when the road gets tough.

It's about making integrity the foremost consideration in every situation, the non-negotiable element that influences every step we take. It's more than a battle tactic; it's our formula for success. We understand that by adhering to this standard, we not only set ourselves on a path of financial achievement but also become a pillar of strength within the community we serve.

At Areii, 'Integrity First' is not merely a catchphrase; it's an ethos woven into our DNA. It's about acknowledging that being honest, transparent, and ethical is not just a part of the journey to success but the journey itself. And we are committed to that journey, creating an environment of trust, respect, and ethical fortitude for our team, our users, and our community.

Taking inspiration from an ancient proverb, 'Warrior in the Garden' reflects our belief that readiness and peace can coexist. This is not just a core value, but also our mission statement. The essence of it lies in the conviction that one should always be prepared to fight, yet favor peace whenever possible. This philosophy permeates our approach, particularly in our commitment to financial stability.
At Areii, we aim to embody this warrior spirit, forging a path towards financial freedom. We are steadfast in our pursuit to ensure financial readiness at every level - be it company-wide, individual employees, or our valued users. We see financial freedom as an armor, a shield that guards us and our community against unexpected challenges. We are devoted to achieving financial independence as a company, empowering our employees towards the same goal, and equipping our users with the tools they need to secure their financial future. This is our commitment as we strive to be warriors in the garden of finance, working towards peace and prosperity for all.


Warrior In The Garden

No Mission Without Margin

"No Mission Without Margin" is our practical battle cry at Areii, recognizing that a vision without the means to realize it is a dream deferred. Just as a knight wouldn't enter battle without armor, we understand that fulfilling any significant mission requires resources. This applies at the company, individual, and user level.
We are committed to equipping ourselves and our users with the skills and knowledge needed to create their own financial buffers, their own margins. Our goal is to empower everyone within our ecosystem to be financially capable of pursuing what they believe to be good, noble, and worthwhile.

At Areii, "No Mission Without Margin" is not a nod to greed or materialism, but an acknowledgement of the practicality needed to fuel dreams and drive action. It's about ensuring we're not just dreamers but doers, capable of taking concrete steps towards our goals. In this way, we enable ourselves and our users to not just envision a better world, but actively work towards creating it.

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