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Fix and Flip Calculator

Looking for a better way to analyze your first or next fix and flip project? Tired of looking through endless spreadsheets for that one flip deal?

Analyze Faster, Analyze Better,  Analyze with Areii.

Try for FREE, no card required

Analyze the potential profit of your next Fix and Flips in seconds and save countless hours

Go From Analyzing a Fix and Flip and estimating its rehab costs to Managing the project in one platform.

Speed up analysis and streamline the process so you can focus on flipping houses.

Maximizing Your Real Estate Investment with Areii

Discover how Areii transforms your fix and flip ventures:

Lower Acquisition Costs

Leveraging AI, Areii helps you identify properties with optimal purchase prices, significantly reducing your acquisition costs.

Maximizing Profit Potential

Our platform calculates net profit, accounting for factors like flipping houses expenses, fees, and closing costs, to reveal your true profit potential.

Efficient Estimation of Rehab Costs

Get accurate rehab cost estimates to forecast your total investment accurately.

Streamlined Financing

Connect with reliable money lenders through Areii, ensuring you get the best terms for your flip deal.

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How our Fix and Flip Calculator helps you

mockup of the fix and flip calculator portion of the areii platform


Analyze The Deal

Analyze Everything from the purchase price to the rehab costs to the ARV (After Repair Value) on your tablet, phone or computer.

Analyze On Any Device

No matter where you happen to be when a deal crosses your path, you have the power of Areii at your finger tips. Analyze Fix and Flips from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Powerful Guided Analysis

From purchase price to potential profit. Areii's Ai Platform can help you analyze any Fix and Flip deal.

Mockup of the Renovation calculator portion of the areii platform.


Estimate Rehab Costs

From our a simple flat dollar amount, to a fully customizable walkthrough rehab analyzer. Areii's Ai Platform has the tools to help you understand the potential rehab costs for any flip project.

No Matter The Job

Areii has the analysis tools to help you analyze any level of a fix and flip. From a light cosmetic flip project to a total gut job, Areii's Ai Platform has you covered when it comes to flipping houses.

Customizable Templates

From our auto calculation tool to our level 3 Walkthrough Renovation Analysis Tool, Areii's Ai Platform can be customized to your preferences and needs.

mock up of the deal data room portion of the areii software


Share Your Deal's Data Room

From property Information to the analysis to contracts and agreements. Everything about the deal can be stored and shared in one easy place to be accessed by your team or lenders.

Professional Investment Packages

Areii's platform helps you generate out professional reports to build your credibility, helping you secure funding.

Deal Data Room

From the properties basic information to your contractor agreements, Areii's Platform stores and structures all of the data on the flip deal in one place for easy and convenient sharing across the team or to service providers.

mockup of the lender network connections in the areii software


Get Your Flip Funded

Whatever the financing strategy we have the lender network to help you get access to the capital you need. Areii's Ai platform helps to de-risk lending opportunities for capital providers ultimately lowering the cost of capital and making it more accessible. Learn more about getting a loan for flipping houses.

Vetted and Tracked

Areii's Lender Network is vetted and every interaction is tracked so we can help determine which lender has the best chance of helping you get the funding you need for your first or next fix and flip deal.

Shareable Deal Room

Areii's Shareable Deal Rooms means you don't have to recreate your analysis across multiple spreadsheets or portals to get a couple loan quotes. Instead simply apply to be funded and your deal room is automatically shared to the lender.

mockup of the status flow portion of the areii software


Follow The Process

Areii's Ai Platform helps you navigate the different steps and the processes involved in flipping houses. Areii is your mentor right in your pocket, guiding you through your first or next completed flipped property.

Auto Generated Tasks

Areii's Work Flow Feature helps you know exactly where you are at in the process and what tasks you need to do next to get you to a completed flipped property.

Customizable Process Flows

Areii's Status Flows can be customized to suit your needs as you scale and grow your operation or to suit the responsibilities of individual team members.

mockup of the areii bookkeeping reporting portion of the software


Track project Expenses

Throughout the project keep track of your budget and expenses. Keep track of your potential profit as it turns into net profit

Set Budgeting Targets

Keep track of the budget that you create during your analysis compared to what your actually spending. From acquisition costs to closing costs, Areii will help you estimate and track them all.

Per Project Bookkeeping System

No more complicated work arounds to do the bookkeeping for your properties. Areii's all-in-one system allows you to do the bookkeeping on an individual property basis so you know the actual financials, from acquisition costs to closing costs we got the bookkeeping for your next fix and flip covered.

Personal and Business Liability P&L Statements

With Areii's unique bookkeeping software you can keep track of both your personal and your business liability in any investment property, including your Fix and Flip projects.

  • Is Areii Free?
    Areii has a free account that allows those that are just getting started to analyze deals and connect with other people that might be able to help them get started. Most of our core features however are not available on the free plan. Our free plan is available via scholarships to those that are just getting started. if you would like to use a Free account reach out to our staff at
  • How does Areii make money?
    We have paid account features that mostly come into play once a user has done their first deal. We also have a network of lenders and by working with lenders we make money by providing loan opportunities to them.
  • Does Areii Provide Real Estate Investment Loans?
    Areii does not offer loans. Areii is a platform that helps its users secure financing for their real estate deals, partly through its lender network.
  • How Does Areii Facilitate Real Estate Deal Funding?
    Areii streamlines the funding process by connecting investors with a network of vetted lenders, offering the solution with the highest chance of succeeding for each deal.
  • What Criteria Does Areii Use to Match Loans with My Real Estate Deal?
    Areii's advanced matching system considers your deal's specifics, investment goals, and market trends to suggest the most suitable loan options.
  • What Sets Areii's Financing Solutions Apart for Investment Properties?
    Areii's uniqueness lies in its customized approach, leveraging technology and Ai to match flexible and efficient financing solutions to deals.
  • How Do Areii's Rental Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide rental loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • How Do Areii's Fix and Flip Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide Fix and Flip loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • Does Areii Offer Financing for Both Residential and Commercial Properties?
    Areii does not provide loans for either Residential or Commercial Properties. Areii's Ai matches users deals to a network of vetted and tracked lenders based off of various criteria.
  • How Can Areii Assist in Valuing an Investment Property?
    Areii provides tools and resources, including market data and analytics, to help investors accurately assess and determine the value of potential investment properties.
  • How Can I Identify Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities?
    Utilize Areii's platform to access market insights, comparative analysis, and financial modeling tools to uncover and evaluate profitable investment properties.
  • Is Starting in Real Estate Investing Possible With No Initial Capital?
    While challenging, starting in real estate with no money is possible through strategies like wholesaling, partnerships, and seller financing, all of which Areii can support.
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