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How Areii Works

Prepare to fall in love. Areii makes it easy to get the funding you need for your real estate investment projects.


We want to help everyone get their first deal done completely for FREE, see how.

It only takes a minute to get up and going.

Sign Up To Areii

Start your real estate investing journey on Areii by going to and signing up.

Screenshot of the Sign up step

Create Your Profile

Fill out your investor profile so other users and lenders can learn more about you.

Screenshot of the user profile page.

Add A Property

Add a property to your account to track through the investment process. Learn More about what Areii can do for your deals.

Screenshot of adding a property to the areii platform.

Add Your Team

Add team members to the property to help with tasks and insights and have them lend their credibility to your deals.

Screen shot of adding someone to your team.

Select A Strategy 

Determine your primary investment strategy for the property.

Screenshot of selecting a strategy for a property.

Analyze The Property

Go through one of our guided analysis tools to determine the viability of the investment property. Learn more about our analysis tools.

Screenshot of the analysis process.

Submit To A  Lender

After You have identified a quality investment property you want to acquire, submit the deal to a lender to begin the loan process.

Screenshot of our lender network.

Lender Approval

Once a lender has approved your loan request you can approve the lender to receive the loan packet.

Screenshot of our loan request tracker feature.

Close The Loan

Close the loan and acquire the property. Then use the platform to continue working through the investment strategy on the property.

Screenshot of our task tracking feature in the areii platform.

Learn more by watching this overview webinar.

See Areii in action by watching this webinar from our staff

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