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Do More

In Less Time
With Less Stress

Areii is what top performers use to build thriving real estate investment businesses. Get organized, get funded, create accountability for everyone on your team.

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Let's level up your investing

Introducing the Real Estate Investors OS

Areii isn't just a calculator. It's your personal Ai assistant and operational hub where you build the process & workflows you need to start or scale your business. Work the way you want, integrate your team & build the real estate investment business you want.

Do more with less subscriptions


Per-Property Bookkeeping & Reporting


  • QuickBooks

  • Spreadsheets

  • Shoe Box of Receipts


Property Teams, Tasks, Workflows & SOP's


  • Podio

  • Trello

  • Group Text Messages


Deal Analysis | Property & Owner Data


  • Spreadsheets

  • DealCheck

  • PropStream


Per-Property Photo & Document Storage 


  • ​Google Drive's

  • Dropbox

  • Cluttered Camera Rolls


Lender Matching & Loan Process Management


  • Endless Loan Apps

  • Calling For Loan Quotes

  • Shady Loan Brokers


Get all your deals and leads in your pipeline or portfolio in one place, and your team working in one system. Areii organizes your investments so you can focus on what matters most, investing.


From in property and market data to indepth guided analysis tools. You can feel confident your getting deals that you will be glad to have.


Find your team or invite them, either way you can get everyone from the contrator to the listing agent in line and delivering on time.


Try Areii free for a limited time

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Built to handle it all

Areii is built to handle the mission critical tasks that are crucial to your success as a real estate investor. From Team and task management to to bookkeeping Areii has the tools you need, and with our planned integrations you will have the ultimate tool to help you get started or scale, your way.

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Why top investors love Areii

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Get started for free, easy migration, unlimited support 

It is our goal to help you get your first deal done for free, no card required, connect with support immediately.

  • Is Areii Free?
    Areii has a free account level as well as paid account options which comes with more tools and resources. It is our goal to give everyone the tools they need to complete their first deal, completely for free. Users are more than welcome to sign up to a paid level for additional tools or features but they are not needed to get what you need out of Areii to do your first deal.
  • How does Areii make money?
    We have paid account features that mostly come into play once a user has done their first deal. We also have a network of lenders and by working with lenders we make money by providing loan opportunities to them.
  • Does Areii Provide Real Estate Investment Loans?
    Areii does not offer loans. Areii is a platform that helps its users secure financing for their real estate deals, partly through its lender network.
  • How Does Areii Facilitate Real Estate Deal Funding?
    Areii streamlines the funding process by connecting investors with a network of vetted lenders, offering the solution with the highest chance of succeeding for each deal.
  • What Criteria Does Areii Use to Match Loans with My Real Estate Deal?
    Areii's advanced matching system considers your deal's specifics, investment goals, and market trends to suggest the most suitable loan options.
  • What Sets Areii's Financing Solutions Apart for Investment Properties?
    Areii's uniqueness lies in its customized approach, leveraging technology and Ai to match flexible and efficient financing solutions to deals.
  • How Do Areii's Rental Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide rental loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • How Do Areii's Fix and Flip Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide Fix and Flip loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • Does Areii Offer Financing for Both Residential and Commercial Properties?
    Areii does not provide loans for either Residential or Commercial Properties. Areii's Ai matches users deals to a network of vetted and tracked lenders based off of various criteria.
  • How Can Areii Assist in Valuing an Investment Property?
    Areii provides tools and resources, including market data and analytics, to help investors accurately assess and determine the value of potential investment properties.
  • How Can I Identify Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities?
    Utilize Areii's platform to access market insights, comparative analysis, and financial modeling tools to uncover and evaluate profitable investment properties.
  • Is Starting in Real Estate Investing Possible With No Initial Capital?
    While challenging, starting in real estate with no money is possible through strategies like wholesaling, partnerships, and seller financing, all of which Areii can support.
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