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A Better Way To Finance Real Estate Investments

From analysis to closing and beyond. Areii is your personal Ai Assistant to help you and guide you. 

See if your deal qualifies for our funding.

Areii is a complete Real Estate Investment Platform making financing on investment properties cheaper and easier to access.

Experience swift, effortless financing with Areii - where cutting-edge technology meets expert guidance to minimize time and effort in securing your real estate deals. We fund single family real estate investment project via our national lender network. We are super easy to work with, via our mobile app, or simply get in touch with us.

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We Don't Sell Leads, Meaning
You Wont Get 1000's Of Emails & Calls

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Because of how our real estate investments software works, we know exactly which lenders in our network and which loan options they provide are best suited to you and your deal.

Once your comfortable with the lender, submit your deal for review and they will let you know through the platform if they can help you on your deal.

This saves a ton of time in the loan request stage and prevents unwanted phone calls and emails.


Introduction to Areii's Mission

We want to help everyone get their first real estate investment deal done, completely for FREE. 

At Areii, our mission is to innovate the realm of financing for investment properties. With a deep understanding of the challenges investors face, we provide groundbreaking solutions that simplify and enhance the financing process. Our team of experts and advanced technology work together to offer efficient, reliable, and flexible financing options, ensuring you can focus on what matters most - growing your investment portfolio.

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Why Choose Areii

Tailored Real Estate Finance Solutions

Choosing Areii means access to financial solutions that resonate with your real estate investment needs. Our expert team, cutting-edge technology, and flexible financing options ensure you receive support tailored to your project's specific requirements. Experience a partnership that evolves with your investment journey.


Key Features

Explore our diverse range of loan solutions, tailored specifically for investment properties. From short-term fixes to long-term investments, we offer financial products that align with your unique investment goals.

Our software is made to be your personal Ai assistant to help you with anything in your real estate investing. From Keeping track of teams and tasks to helping you organize your bookkeeping and of course helping you get the best financing available from vetted and trusted lenders. Let Areii help you reach your real estate investing goals.

Embrace the future of real estate investing with Areii's innovative app. Designed for the savvy investor, our app streamlines the investment process by providing instant access to loan solutions, team and task management, and property analytics. Harness the power of technology to make informed decisions and manage your investments efficiently, all from the palm of your hand.

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Let Areii help you get your first or next rental loan or flip loan, for FREE.

Whether your just getting started or looking to scale up your investing, Areii can help you with financing investment properties regardless of the strategy. Need a rental loan? What a fix and flip loan? Areii has got your real estate finance needs covered

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Stay informed with our latest insights on real estate finance trends, tips, and success stories. Our articles provide valuable information to guide your investment decisions.


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Mike and Deanna

Single Family Investors

“With the market shifting it wasn't clear what price to list our property at. Areii hit the target. We received a full price offer.”

  • Is Areii Free?
    Areii has a free account that allows those that are just getting started to analyze deals and connect with other people that might be able to help them get started. Most of our core features however are not available on the free plan. Our free plan is available via scholarships to those that are just getting started. if you would like to use a Free account reach out to our staff at
  • How does Areii make money?
    We have paid account features that mostly come into play once a user has done their first deal. We also have a network of lenders and by working with lenders we make money by providing loan opportunities to them.
  • Does Areii Provide Real Estate Investment Loans?
    Areii does not offer loans. Areii is a platform that helps its users secure financing for their real estate deals, partly through its lender network.
  • How Does Areii Facilitate Real Estate Deal Funding?
    Areii streamlines the funding process by connecting investors with a network of vetted lenders, offering the solution with the highest chance of succeeding for each deal.
  • What Criteria Does Areii Use to Match Loans with My Real Estate Deal?
    Areii's advanced matching system considers your deal's specifics, investment goals, and market trends to suggest the most suitable loan options.
  • What Sets Areii's Financing Solutions Apart for Investment Properties?
    Areii's uniqueness lies in its customized approach, leveraging technology and Ai to match flexible and efficient financing solutions to deals.
  • How Do Areii's Rental Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide rental loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • How Do Areii's Fix and Flip Loan Programs Operate?
    Areii itself does not provide Fix and Flip loans, Areii's Ai matches users deals with loan programs provided by our lender network.
  • Does Areii Offer Financing for Both Residential and Commercial Properties?
    Areii does not provide loans for either Residential or Commercial Properties. Areii's Ai matches users deals to a network of vetted and tracked lenders based off of various criteria.
  • How Can Areii Assist in Valuing an Investment Property?
    Areii provides tools and resources, including market data and analytics, to help investors accurately assess and determine the value of potential investment properties.
  • How Can I Identify Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities?
    Utilize Areii's platform to access market insights, comparative analysis, and financial modeling tools to uncover and evaluate profitable investment properties.
  • Is Starting in Real Estate Investing Possible With No Initial Capital?
    While challenging, starting in real estate with no money is possible through strategies like wholesaling, partnerships, and seller financing, all of which Areii can support.
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Start Your Real Estate Finance Journey with Areii

Begin your path to real estate investment success with Areii's innovative financing solutions. Sign up today to explore how we can support your investment goals. and get your first deal for FREE.

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